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A Partner You Can Trust

John A. Scott, CPA, CA, CIM, CFA

Senior Investment Advisor

Financial Security Doesn’t Happen by Accident  

The process of investing is full of opportunities and pitfalls; but it takes a disciplined approach and fair bit of skill to distinguish one from the other.

For the ordinary investor, following the world of finance can sometimes be disconcerting. For those without a disciplined approach, media headlines or a fluctuation in the markets can cause one to make poor decisions. Not only can losses result but some of the best opportunities may be overlooked.

Your Money Means a lot to You

Financial security doesn’t happen by accident and your money is far too precious to manage haphazardly. Financial assets can be the key to some of your fondest dreams: a carefree retirement, a quality education for your children, the realization of a cherished plan, or just solid financial protection in case of unexpected difficulties. 

Our Wealth Management Process

Our Wealth Management process aims to ensure that you (and your spouse) will never outlive your capital. As we build your net worth we will identify estate planning opportunities to not only secure your own comfortable retirement, but to also maximize the after-tax value of your estate for the benefit of your loved ones. You will now have the peace of mind in knowing that your financial affairs are being properly tended to which will give you more time to enjoy family, business and leisure activities.

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